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(e/c) = Eye Color
(s/t) = Skin Tone
(l/n) = Last Name

You sat back in your office, watching the time as you did your own things on your computer. The normal, check a few sites of which you were interested in as you waited for time to go by quickly. You sigh quietly, sitting back after closing a tab of which you were barely interested in anymore. You had a good amount of time to waste until your next appointment... But what to do till then?

You jumped a bit as you hear someone knock on your door, looking through the glass and saw someone you weren't expecting for another hour at the very least. You gesture for the male to come in, sitting up a bit as you watch him walk inside. "What do you need, Mr. Addy?" You ask, looking at the male as you bit the inside of your cheek, your (e/c) orbs never leaving the ever emotionless gaze of the male in front of you.

"I wanted to ask you about something, as long as you don't mind me being here a bit earlier than planned." He says, walking over and sitting in his normal spot on the couch across from your desk.

"Well, go ahead then." You gesture to him with a (s/t) hand, opening up a notebook on your desk for when he was to actually come. But hey, whatever got you to see him.

And so, with a chaste nod, he sat up and started speaking. "As of late... My heart won't stop beating a lot faster than it's supposed to. And it's only when very specific thoughts run through my head. It's odd, I don't think I've ever really felt like this, so it's hard to say what's the matter." He sighs a bit, his words eventually trailing off into a mumble you could barely hear.

You just nodded quietly as he spoke, occasionally telling him to speak up after a point, until he was finished. You quickly skimmed through your notes soon after, a hand arched over your (l/c) lips in thoughts. 'From what he's said... It sounds like he's in love. Huh, so he isn't as emotionless as I thought. That's good.' You think with a small nod, sitting up and looking back over to the male, his brown eyes never leaving your form for a second, waiting patiently as he waits for your decision. "Mr. Addy, it seems as if you're in love." You say, watching as those same orbs widen a bit in surprise.

"Really?" He questions, unsure, for once in the few sessions he's received from you, that your prediction was correct. 'That can't be it... With her...' He thought in disbelief, but in the end, he just kind of went with it, no thoughts coming to mind that seem to fight off those words as being wrong, or just not possible. "Well.. Thank you, Dr. (l/n). I'll see you in a bit." He says with a nod, and headed out.

"Alright... I'll see you then." You wave, and he returns the gesture through the glass, and walked out of your view. You sighed quietly as you sit back in your chair, looking back at your computer, which the screensaver of large-ish rainbow bubbles was up to keep your screen to forever breaking your computer. You wake it up, and within that same minute, your phone goes off. You check the text you've received, eyes widening slightly as you see who it's from.

'Hey, it's Zack. I forgot to mention those feelings went towards you. I'll see you later.' It read, which brought out a small smile on your face. You couldn't reply, but the fact that there was nothing to worry about made you feel fantastic. So, you just sent a quick 'Me, too.' to him, and set your phone aside, knowing he might not reply, and continued to work, your heart now fluttering out of your chest.
Yay, I finally finished-- Oh my gosh, I hate procrastination with a fiery passion~
Writing trade with Xero because we could La la la la

Zack Addy (c) Bones and his other owners
You belong to you.
Text, title and beyond are mine :happybounce:

Have a good day :D (Big Grin) 
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