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August 27, 2013
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How in hell did this happen? Seriously, everything would have been absolutely great if you weren't stuck around a drunk-as-fuck Jeff the Killer, plus some of the others who may have been drunk, or sober, but acting just as drunk as the others just to get a good laugh out of the night. You were the one in the corner, not drunk, but not acting as such for the sake of the party. You had one or two drinks, but it wasn't enough to get you totally wasted like the other people you knew, mostly in the mansion, and one of them standing across from you, but not taking the time of day to take his time, let his vision clear up in the slightest just to look into your (e/c) orbs to just talk, hang out, do whatever you wanted to do. You didn't give a shit! It was only for a night, why couldn't he--- oh, never mind. Here comes the drunk in mind now.

"Heeeeeey, (y/n)~!" The hooded, masked man said, a tad slurred due to the effects of alcohol in his system, but himself nonetheless. His yellow hoodie was hanging on by his head, his mask off to the side so that one of his eyes and about half of his mouth was more visible than the rest, plus the drunken blush that was oh-so famous in this house. He had on a black shirt underneath his bright hoodie, and his normal jeans and such. You sighed, wishing that he wasn't drunk to talk to you, and just be his normal self.

Sadly, that wouldn't happen. But you fell for the idiot anyway.

Somehow, his face, which you had been able to see on a few off chances, dragged you in, plus the fact that he can be as antisocial as you were when not intoxicated beyond belief. You two got along well, but when the feelings and hormones grew, that was the end of wanting a friendship. Yet, you couldn't bring yourself to tell him. So, here you were, contemplating whether or not to tell him.

"(Y/N)!!! Ti--" He pauses himself to take the chance to hiccup slightly, then continues. "Time to wake up!!" He yells, his face close to yours and his mast hanging by a thread around his neck, so that his face was perfectly available to your looking pleasures. Damn, he was sexy. You wouldn't lie to yourself, he was hot. Which was one of the many reasons that feelings wanted to make their way up from friends, to... something else. I'm sure you're smart enough to figure that out, right? ...Right?

Anyway, you blushed slightly, sitting up so that his face was a decent length away from your own. "Yeah, hey Hoodie..." You mumbled, his drunken smile making you look at him dead on.

With a slight smirk, he sits right next to you, to the point where his legs were touching your own. "Daydreamin' again? Damn, you seem to be doing that more and more~" He says, smirking slightly with the blush still on his cheeks. Makes her look more hot. He thinks with a smile, his imagination going off somewhere else as something below his torso suddenly pokes his boxers, which then go to his pants, and makes the whole situation awkward. Mostly for him, but seeing how the lighting of the mansion was switched from it's usual florescent yellow color, it was rainbows, making you question who was doing what nearest you, you couldn't really tell what was going through his head quite yet.

Ya know... until he suckered into going to one of the hall closets. Then you had a pretty good idea.

~*And this is where the Lemon starts. Don't read unless you're ready to loose your eye virginity. If that even counts here*~

Next thing you know, you're on the ground, a half naked, and severely attractive man hovering over your fully-clothed self, just waiting for himself to get into your pants. You see, he also thought the same things you did, but the fact that the alcohol was in his system for the next few hours, he was going to do more than anything at this point. With a smirk, he bent down closest to your ear, and with a slight movement of his hand, he was up your shirt, massaging one of your two twins. "I've always wanted to do this." He whispered before his pale lips left your earlobe and trailed your neck to find where you'll be marked.

You moaned at the sudden contact of his hand to your breast as he, somehow, seeing how you knew damn well that he was a virgin, skillfully toys with your breast before a lack of air to a certain weak spot of yours began to decrease greatly. Another moan is given out, a lot louder than the last, and he pulls back with a trail of his DNA landing on your shirt... which should have been off by now, to his observation.

So, with that thought in mind, he uses a hand to unbutton your shirt, revealing your (s/t) breasts, one of them covered by a large, pale hand, while the other was still in your bra. He was finally able to do a lot more now that the article of clothing, which was holding him back for so long, was now out of his reach.

A sudden movement of hands revealed to you that you were now braless, and now his hands were moving frantically to move your breasts in many different ways for the noises he craved most.  His eyes clouded with being drunk and lust watching himself go, to make sure that he didn't mess up as his head lowers to a nipple of yours, to suck, pull, tease, whatever he could really think of.

And just him moving his hands around was enough to arouse you to no ends. Now that his lips came into contact with sacred skin, you needed him more than you needed air. You loved him, not only because you were filled with more lust than you could handle, but just the fact that you've been holding that in for a while, so it's about time it came out.

He takes turns sucking and kneading your breasts, making sure that both gets equal attention. All while you're moaning, he continues making those sounds come out of you in rapid bursts, him hearing the beginning of his name, but then trailing off as sucking became biting and his hips ground against yours rapidly.

It was official. He was ready. He was so curious as to how you would react with himself inside you, making you two become one without a second thought in his head. He slides your lower clothing off (Because I don't know what you're wearing. Do you really think I'd watch? Pervs...) along with his own, a wide smirk on his somewhat darkened face as he admired your naked body in the dim lighting that was coming in from the outer world.

You, on the other hand, had no idea what was going on. You had a very clear fact that you weren't anything besides the drunken and hormonal air around you two, your vision hazed as you climax was about to come (Note, this isn't a pun :3) within whatever movement had to do with the inside of you and your already tired out, self. That movement, however was his, surprisingly to you, large manhood going into that forbidden place, giving you both the pleasure of hearing you scream to your climax and the pain of your, well, not so much anymore, virgin bound womanhood.

As he tries to comfort you from the pain, he hiccups here and there, only making this better. After a few minutes, you buck your hips up a few times, causing him to start moving himself and give out a few moans to the sex-filled air. You both continue moaning, groaning, a few yelps here and there before your spot was hit a few times before you started calling out to whoever came to mind first... which would be Hood's actual name, and you knew damn well how much he hates it. "B-BRIAN!!" You shout out on instinct, instantly making you go rougher for a silent "punishment" for the name that was screamed into the room. Thankfully, you two were the only ones in the area, so those who would have heard that would either remember for the rest of the night, or are too drunk to remember within a minute or two.

"Do not call me that, (y/n)!!" He growls into your ear, causing you to shiver and have those previously warmed buds stick up again out of nervousness. You could feel yourself about to burst a second time as he goes on with thrusting in you and getting the pleasant screams from your red, yet somewhat bruised lips. You felt like your voice was going to give out within a few minutes if this kept up.

Now, after fondling the many things that were able to be fondled with, you did, in fact, climax a second time, and you bucked up to him with several loud moans in store so that he could do the same. "P-Please!! I-I-In me!!" You plead, knowing that he would have an idea as to what to do, and what to do inside of you was key.

He smirks and with a slight nod, he keeps hitting your special spot while waiting for his climax, right up to your core, and through your screams. As soon as it hit, you moaned with your lust-filled, (e/c) orb shutting at the amazing feeling. After your arched back hit the floor, the body of the man on top of you soon was beside you, wrapped his arms around you as he grabs a random coat or two for blankets, not even bothering to grab his clothes. You snuggled to the man, and with one last kiss, he says two things to you.

The first, "I love you." Which you responded with the normal response.

The second... "I hope you remember that I'm not really drunk." He says with a smirk, not even waiting for a comeback from your, apparently, sleeping form as he drifted off into that same world.
So... I made this on Quotev... and then it got put up here :D

Um... this is my first lemon ever so if it sucks, give me advice, I don't care. I need it... because I might do another, so I don't want anyone's ovaries disappointed ;7;

But I don't own you, or anything involving Creepypastas.
Just the text.

*Totally not advertising for myself*
Buuuuut, if you want to see other things that I've written, just go to:
And then you'll get things. Yeah, go nuts.
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At the end I would have been like:
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AlaskaChan Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
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